Literacy Links for Parents

Here you’ll find a collection of websites that offer parent-focused information about reading. We also have tips about selecting books and ideas for reading on this wiki.


12 Ways to Read a Picture Book by Ernie Bond @ (July 2014)

7 Ways to Use Media and Tech to Raise Bilingual Kids by Maria O Alvarez @ Common Sense Media (October 2015)

The 7 Conditions for Learning Language by Rebecca @ Nurturing Narratives (December 2009)

10 Alternatives to Forcing Your Kids to Learn to Read by Erica @ What Do We Do All Day (October 2014)

21 Tips Throughout a Child’s Bilingual Life by Rita Rosenback @ Bilingual Parenting (October 2015)

Adventures in Family Learning by Tina Chovanec @  Firsb Book (November 2009)

Articles with Tips for Raising Readers

Birth to Six  Multnomah Falls Public Library List of Developmental Milestones

Book Level Guide for Parents (K-2) by Kristin @ Busy Kids Happy Mom (August 2012)

Can you “Read” an Audiobook? by Eva Mitnick @ Eva’s Book Addiction (August 2009)

Decoding Report Card Talk by Jackie H @ Ready, Set, Read (various)

Every Child Reads – A podcast interview with Donalyn Miller, author of The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child. Donalyn offers ideas for encouraging reading in school and at home.

Getting Ready for School by Susan Stephenson @ The Book Chook

Helping Children with Spelling: Skills, Strategies and Support by Trevor Cairney @ Families, Literacy and Learning (August 2009)

How to Clean Your Books by Vanessa @ Silly Eagle Books (April 2010)

The Impact of Media and Technology on Very Young Children by Trevor Cairney at Literacy, Famlies and Learning (August 2009)

It’s a Board! It’s a Game! It’s a Literacy Board Game! by Dawn Little at Literacy Toolbox (January 2010)

Literacy and Your Child: The Need to Read Wonderboy @ Info and More (August 2009)

Reading Aloud to Children, More than Talking, Builds Literacy by Susan Frey @ EdSource [September 2015]

Reading Skills and Great Books for Kids (website)

Reading with Infants Toddlers Preschoolers (Wiki page)

Reading Matters National Education Association

Reading Rockets for Families Reading Rockets

Resources for Raising Bilingual Readers by Deanna Lyles @ Bilingual Reader

Ten Ways to Involve the Whole Family in Read Aloud by Susan Stephenson @ The Book Chook (November 2009)

The Ups and Downs of Reading Aloud by Susan Kusel @ Booklights (October 2009)

Ways to Help Your Children Develop a Love of Reading @ Choice Literacy

What Families Can Do to Promote Literacy by Dawn Little @ Literacy Toolbox (November 2009)


Bookseller tools – Some merchants let you preview some pages from books they sell. You and your child can see excerpts of books to see if they interest you.

The Five Finger Test – Learning to Read by Anastasia Suen

How to Clean Your Books by Vanessa @ Silly Eagle Books (April 2010)

Is My Child Ready for Chapter Books by Trevor Cairney @ Literacy, Families, and Learning (August 2009)

LookyBook– Read a picture book (cover to cover) before you decide to buy

Nonfiction for toddlers – Interesting Nonfiction for Kids (February 2009)

Children’s Books Page – Reading Rockets offers links to sources on how to choose and use children’s books at home and school.

Teaching Children to Use the Library by Amy @ Literacy Launchpad (August 2009)

Ten Steps for Reviewing Books – National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), 2010 Note: Excellent for helping you select books, too.



10 Ways to Boost Your Preschooler’s Literacy by Wendy Zachrisen, guest blogger @ The Children’s Book Review (August 2009)

How Do I Find Time to Read with My Young Child? by Cathy Puett Miller @ Parents and Children Reading Together (October 2009)

Literacy Center Education Network delivers free, professionally designed education materials for preschool children

Read Today!

offers free, printable reading material to share with your children

STAGES OF READING – LEARNING TO READ (Emergent, Early, Transitional – K to 2)

How Do I Find Time to Read with My Young Child? by Cathy Puett Miller @ Parents and Children Reading Together (October 2009)

How to Listen to Your Child Read (Part 1) by Trevor Cairney @ Literacy, Families and Learning (November 2008)

How to Listen to Children Reading (Part 2) by Trevor Cairney @ Literacy, Families and Learning (May 2009)

I See Sam Books free to Download and View Online by Michelle Breum @ Beginning Reading Help (May 2013)

Leveled Early Readers: Valuable Tool or Marketing Ploy by Amy Broadmoore @ Delightful Children’s Books (October 2013)

Now I Know My ABCs? by Jackie H. @ Ready, Set, Read! (October 2010)

Secrets Parents Need to Know about Beginning Reading by Cathy Puett Miller @ Parents and Kids Reading Together (March 2010)

Sneaking Strategy Sessions into Your Read Alouds by Dawn Little @ Literacy Toolbox (April 2010)

Teaching and Supporting Comprehension (Part 1) by Trevor Cairney @ Literacy, Families and Learning (October 2008)


5 Tips for Kids Who Hate to Read by Melissa Taylor @ Imagination Soup (November 2009)

Improving Comprehension – Sketch to Stretch by Trevor Cairney @ Literacy, Families and Learning (November 2009)

Making Up for Lost Time: Readers 10+ Years Old by Cathy Miller @ Parents and Children Reading Together (August 2009)

Read Aloud: Not Just for Elementary Jim @ Teacherninja (January 2010)

Reading Resources for Parents and Other Online Help by M. Bromberg @ BookBag (October 2009)

Why You Should Read Aloud to Older Kids Jamie Martin @ Steady Mom (September 2009)


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