Articles with Tips for Raising Readers

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5 Tips for Kids Who Hate to Read by Meilssa Taylor @ Imagination Soup (November 2009)

5 Tips to Introduce Your Child to the World of Literature by Emily Ellsworth @ The Genese County Express (October 2015)

The 7 Levels of Children’s Literature by Juliana Lee @ Crafting Stories (October 2015)

7 Ways to Use Media and Tech to Raise Bilingual Kids by Maria O Alvarez @ Common Sense Media (October 2015)

10 Alternatives to Forcing Your Kids to Learn to Read by Erica @ What Do We Do All Day (October 2014)

10 Benefits Your Toddler Will Miss if You Don’t Read to them @ Motherhood (In Style magazine) (September 2015)

10 Tips for Helping Your Child Learn to Read by Brian @ Literacy News (October 2009)

12 Ways to Read a Picture Book by Ernie Bond @ (July 2014)

15+ Reading Strategies for Unknown Words {Tips for Parents} (June 2014)

21 Tips Throughout a Child’s Bilingual Life by Rita Rosenback @ Bilingual Parenting (October 2015)

25 Not Boring Ways to Improve Reading Skills by Marnie @ Carrots are Orange (November 2015)

Advice for a Budding Bibliophile by Chonicles of an Infant Bibliophile (August 2009)

Bookworm Basics: Every Day Activities by Mindi at B.A. Bookworm (January 2010)

Beyond the ABCs: 12 Easy Ways to Improve Your Child’s Literacy by Maggie Cary @ Moms and Dads: A Parenting Blog (October 2009)

Boy Year by Donalyn Miller @ The Book Whisperer (October 2009)

Boys and Reading: Tips for Making Reading “Boy Friendly” by Dawn Little, guest blogger at the Children’s Book Review (August 2009)

The Challenge of Boys and Reading by Trevor Cairney @ Literacy, Families and Learning (July 2009)

A Dad’s Survival Guide to Children’s Music by Todd Hoffman @ The Father’s Life (magazine) (October 2009)

Developing Preschooler’s Vocabulary with Read-Alouds by Dawn Little @ Literacy Toolbox (April 2010)

Five Key Habits of lifelong Readers by Book Mama @ The Book Mama (March 2014)

How Do I Find Time to Read with My Young Child? by Cathy Puett Miller @ Parents and Children Reading Together (October 2009)

How to Build Your Child’s Library on a Budget by Lori Calabrese @ Lori Calabrese Writes (July 2009)

How to Encourage Boys to Read by Kara @ The Joys of Boys (October 2015)

How to Get a Grip on Young Adult Books by Common Sense Media (Mach 2014)

How to Motivate Teens to Read by Book Mama (May 2014)

How to Raise a Reader (or How My Parents Did it Anyway by Mary Ostyn @ 5 Minutes for Books (April 2009)

Letter Sounds and Name Recognition Help by Aimee @ Readers are Made on the Lap of a Parent (August 2010)

Literacy and Your Child: The Need to Read Wonderboy @ Info and More (August 2009)

Literary versus Literacy (Reading with Older Kids) by Cathy Puett Miller @ Parents and Children Reading Together (September 2009)

A New Bedtime Routine: Reading Aloud Nonfiction by Dawn Little @ Literacy Toolbox December 2009

Picture Books are for Everyone by Cathy Puett Miller @ Parents and Children Reading Together (September 2009)

The Power of 20 Minutes by Lisa @ 5 Minutes for Books (July 2009)

Raising Readers: A Mother’s Tale from the Trenches by Literary Mama (September 2015)

Read for Success: Combating the Summer Slide in America Reading is Fundamental Study (May 2015)

Read Slowly to Benefit Your Brain and Cut Stress by Wall Street Journal (September 2014)

Setting Up a Home Library by Dawn Little @ Literacy Toolbox (March 2010)

Sneaking Strategy Sessions into Your Read Alouds by Dawn Little @ Literacy Toolbox (April 2010)

Teaching Toddlers to Read by Kathy Stemke @ Educationtipster (November 2009)

This is the absolute worst way to teach your kids to read @ (June 2014)

Thursday Three: Reading Help by Pam Coughlan @ Booklights (September 2009)

Top 10 Ways to Raise an Avid Reader, Part 1, by Dawn Morris @ Moms Inspire Learning (April 2009)

Trouble with the “50 page” rule by Book Mama @ The Book Mama (October 2012)

The Warmth of a Shared Experience by Cynthia Lord @ Nerdy Book Club (March 2014)

What Dads Bring to Read Alouds Children’s Book Council (November 2015)

What Should I Read to My Baby? by Katie Fitzgerald @ The Library Adventure (September 2014)

What You Can Do to Encourage Your Child to Read by Catherine Ensley @ Words World and Wings (includes list of books with family appeal) (November 2009)

Why Children are Not Reading, and What We Can Do About It by Dawn Morris @ Moms Inspire Learning (April 2009)

Why You Should Read Aloud to Older Kids Jamie Martin @ Steady Mom (September 2009)

Writing Milestones for Children by Dawn Little @ Literacy Toolbox (March 2010)



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