Book Clubs

Talking about books is a great way to strengthen a love of reading (not to mention build connections and friendships). If you’ve never been in a book club or want to start one, we’ve collected some links with the How-to’s. If you’re not comfortable randomly selecting books, we’ve got a list of sites that have book clubs. Some include book conversations online, some include discussion guides, some just list the books their club is reading.  You’ll also find a list with links to Book Club Discussion Guides.



How to Start a Book Club



Book Club Spots to Get You Started


101 Book Group Choices Guaranteed to Provoke Discussion by Farm Lane Books (February 2010)


Book Budds – (from the website) Book Budds is an age-appropriate book club for girls in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, as well as Mother/Daughter groups.  We provide the tools and information girls need to build a positive, fun and motivational environment where they can share books. Reading the same books creates a wonderful basis for sharing thoughts and ideas as well as related activities such as snacks, games, crafts, and much more!


Boys Rule! Boys Read! – Three librarians maintain this blog, which they describe as “a place for boys to find terrific books and tell other boys about great reading.”


Girls Read Girls Rule (The World) – This librarian’s blog is (self-described as) “A totally awesome site for girls to come read about good books, share their favorites (or not so favorites) and find out what’s happening in the Spangler Children’s Library @ ImaginOn.”


Guys Read – This is a web-based literacy program for boys. There is a new “book of the month” every week, with highly recommended reads. – (from the website) We are a part of The Book Report Network, a group of websites founded in 1996 that share thoughtful book reviews, compelling features, in-depth author profiles and interviews, excerpts of the hottest new releases, literary games and contests, and more with readers every week.


New Moon Girls Online – Luna’s Book Club – This is an extension of New Moon Girls magazine, an advertising-free magazine that promotes a “safe, creative, positive life for girls.”


Readergirlz – This is a hip/jazzy site for teen readers that uses a multi-platform approach to reading, talking about, and promoting books.


Book Club Discussion Guides



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