Welcome to We are a Family of Readers!

Welcome to our virtual, ever-growing library of literacy and reading resources.  We are a resource for parents, teachers, librarians … virtually anyone who is interested in reading with kids and helping them grow into independent, successful people. We don’t expect every child to become a bookworm, but we do want them to be confident readers. Reading is a skill that touches every facet of our lives and it is something that we need to know how to do.

What is literacy?

We often equate literacy and reading. In reality, literacy is more than just deciphering symbol combinations on a page or screen. That’s why we created a page JUST to answer the question What is literacy?

Once you’ve read the definition, it will help you understand how we structured our Literacy Resources “Wiki.” Each of our folders is built around one of the dimensions of literacy. Within each folder, you’ll find pages that have more specific, focused content. Here is an annotated index of our content.

Booklists & Reading Ideas  –  Within this folder you’ll find lists and suggestions. The pages are filled with links to reading ideasarticles with tips for raising readersbook club ideas, and booklists of every sort:

Creative Literacy – Learning to read isn’t always about deciphering the letter combinations on a page.

  • Playing games, singing songs, and drawing all contribute to literacy.
  • Writing is an important complement, too. Within this section of the wiki you’ll find ideas and tools for engaging children in activities that are fun … and also benefit literacy.

Literacy in Your Community – The best – and most popular – place to start engaging with stories and books is at your local library.

  • Check out these videos about libraries.
  • In addition to offering books, librarians can suggest fun activities you might try at home (like a book slumber party).
  • If you’re looking for ways to actively help readers in need, volunteer opportunities are available in every community by working with a literacy organization. In most cases, no special experience is needed … and if it is, they’ll give you the training.  Within this list you’ll also find places to donate books.

Tips and Ideas for Promoting Reading – This is probably the biggest section of the wiki! Within this folder you’ll find everything …

This blogsite is also the home of resources related to or mentioned in Share a Story-Shape a Future, an annual literacy blog tour that first launched in 2009. The goal of the Share a Story event is to promote reading and literacy by engaging the online community to spend a week sharing practical ideas and tips for engaging kids as readers.

One of the things that made the first event so valuable and exciting was that we collected and organized tons of ideas related to reading with kids. For the 2009 event we created a Literacy Resources Kit and a Giant Book of Lists. Both of these items are magazine-style products that can be printed and carried with you.

One of the lessons learned with our 2009 event is that there is so much information, and it changes so frequently, that we can’t rely on a website, a blogroll, or even an annual magazine to fit it all in. That’s why we created this Wiki. Here you will find information organized, cross-referenced, and digestible in ways that aren’t possible in a blog. The information here is timeless … so even if you didn’t know about a particular list or ideas back in 2008 when it was written, you can still benefit from it today.

As we mentioned at the beginning … this is a dynamic process. There are always new resources and tools coming online. If we’re missing something – or if one of our links doesn’t work – please let us know.

Happy reading.